Peak Performance Sword Systems: Ishi Yama Ryu CIT Program

Peak Performance Sword Systems: Ishi Yama Ryu Certified Instructor Training Program


The 'Shinkoryu'Tm (new tradition) program exists as a complete and all inclusive Certified Instructors Training program for IYR and Peak Performance Sword Systems which is in compliance with all United States Sword Federation 'Official Rules and Regulations'. This innovative and original expression of Japanese sword 'style' personifies traditional archetypal and universally understood principles of virtue and natural law. With sound geometric postures and positioning within circular movement patterns, this system produces a superior strategic advantage for sparring, classical yet innovative style patterns for kata and the highest success to attempt ratio for Tameshigiri of any sword technique in the world today. As a 'True Formula' it is more predictable and repeatable in its results than any other sword form, it has become a benchmark for the science of sword. Additionally, with a clear and easily understood format, its' eight volume 500 page written text is a guide book, that has reduced the time needed to achieve a high level of understanding and technical proficiency to a few years rather than a few decades.

Book 1, Program Content

The Book 1 cover picture symbolizes the seemingly impossible odds of what appears to be an overwhelming amount of information (symbolized by the arrows) that awaits you in the eight volumes of this study course. Within this first book of the Certified Instructor Training Program, school owners and new student instructors see the step by step details of the process that has produced World Champion success.

Looking closely at this picture shows these samurai are not deterred and are moving steadily forward in spite of the onslaught of arrows (the information) due to the protection of their armor. Soshin McCartney delivers an orderly sequence of the material that traverses the complex yet fascinating 2000 year old world of swordsmanship in this journey toward understanding. With articulate descriptions and humorous anecdotes laced with practical relevancy for sword practice today, Soshin McCartney makes clear sense of how and 'Where Tradition and Innovation Meet for this Modern Application of an Ancient Way'Tm. This step by step process is presented in this first book on the road to a proficient and practical application of swordsmanship. CIT student instructors soon learn that what initially seem impossible tasks, are actually well within your grasp when logically and rationally presented by this World Class Champion Swordsman and Scholar. As a future albeit inexperienced sword instructor, you'll be amazed how issues once thought too complex, are efficiently simplified when presented by a true sword professional.

'Book One' details include a concise course outline, glossaries, charts and diagrams so you can see and speak the language of sword to your future students.

Book 2, Basic Principles of the Methodology

Book Two is the heart and soul of this World Record achieving methodology. The opening cover page statement personifies the temper of this second book coming to us from one of Soshins favorite historical characters, Miyamoto Musashi states; "Do nothing which is of no use." Within this simple statement are the details for attaining the highest 'success to attempt ratio' of any sword method available today. With this book as your foundation, your swordsmanship will eventually take on the look of articulate brevity with a latent quality of limitless power that allows you to control your mind, body, breath and instrument for your unparalleled success in this art form. Book Two contains photos with colored line overlays and detailed explanations of body posture, alignment and positioning for all opening positions at this beginning level.

Book 3, Glossary, Fees, Charts, and Diagrams

The Book Three cover picture is a favorite. With our Ishi Yama 'fuji/wisteria Mon' at the bow of a great warship in this classic woodblock print, we see the Daimyo 'General' backed by his loyal Samurai retainers. Equipped with everything they need for a successful campaign upon reaching the shore ahead, they sail confidently through rough seas toward their destination. So too, each graduate of this specialized program of coursework will have the necessary reference material to navigate the previously unknown waters of this art form. At this stage you are well on your way to a safe and thriving sword program at your own school equipped with the essential fundamental information needed to start your sword program and entourage of students. Together, we move forward to grow the future of sword arts here in America with archetypal decorum, carefully woven within innovative principles. The result is a consistent and functional process for success. This is a formula that is designed for and keeps pace with our rapidly changing world while honoring archetypal behavior of the truest samurai esthetic. Content includes anecdotes, charts and terms and a continuation of this coursework of expanding kata.

Book 4, The Road Ahead

The future is often veiled in mist with only vague images of what life will be after a long trek as in this next step toward our destination. Book Four examines the road you've traveled thus far, in the interest of a better understanding for your future. For if we do not fully understand where we are going; we will surely end up somewhere else. And that may not be where you want to be. The journey of Book Four is understanding The Road Ahead. Section details include scripts for student interviews, sample tests, test expectations and promotion timelines for advancement to the highest levels of expertise. Presented in a clear and easily understandable outline of the infrastructure for your school, this program and the larger scheme of swordsmanship on a national level.

Book 5, The Timing and Tempo of Concious Competance

Book Five is 'the Timing and Tempo of Conscious Competence'. As a practical matter, we have been refining the state of your thought and movement that makes the practice of swordsmanship such a uniquely natural activity rather than movements of some other martial art with a katana in you hands. Gradually we see that our process supports another level of learning. With this next level of understanding, 'conscious competence' opens vast possibilities. Our minds are beginning to be set free from the 'thousand details' as we further manifest more optimal positioning of our swords movement as it relates to our positioning. The 'Unified Movement Principle' takes on greater clarity as your mind, body, breath and instrument respond to the discipline of our training thus far. Now, other key ingredients in this next level of conditioning and complexity shape your activity with a deeper understanding of how thought and movement integrate toward more articulate and predictable results. The swordsman within you is emerging.

Details include Level One and Two Repetition Exercises and detailed descriptions for refining form and function. Book Five photos with colored line overlays detail the remaining series of position detail for foot work and body geometry alignment to complete the series.

Book 6, From Sand To Sword

Books Six 'From Sand to Sword' as a special program for Junior and Senior Youth ages 7 to 14 years of age. This programmed class teaches safety, etiquette, fundamentals and philosophy for responsible sword practice for young people in our modern world. As a two part program, section one deals with the information mentioned above. With specially designed padded flexible instruments, section two introduces individual and paired sparring drills for impact training that brings a lighthearted yet spirited element of realism to the practice.

No sane person would put an inexperienced child behind the wheel of a car;just as no one would put a 'real' sword in a childs hands. Respect for this art form begins with the information in this section tailored for junior and senior youth groups.

Book 7, The Sword That Gives Life

Book Seven is a collection of anecdotes, stories and aphorisms that describe and explain the why and how of archetypal behavior for the model swordsman of the 21st century. In over 100 pages collected from various texts over the past 700 years, this literature will help to shape "a mind conscious of right thinking and right action" for the sword that gives life, in our modern world.

Book 8, The United States Sword Federation

The "Official Judges Rule Book" of the 'United States Sword Federation'Tm has been revised and refined over the past 15 years reaching its present format in 2003. Contributors included many of the leaders and pioneers in the swordsmanship community from primarily America as well as Canada and Japan. As such, the USSF is the 'only' non-partisan and non style specific formatting and rules for fully "sanctioned" sword tournament activity in the world. This book covers all aspects of tournament activity including; kata, Tameshigiri, sparring and 'sport dueling' as well as tournament specs for ring size and formal judging panel certification as well as target stand dimensions and tournament formatting, guidelines and protocol.

After you have trained with the rest, come train with the best in teaching and technical methodology for your most successful and exciting sword experience.