IYR Virtual Training

Virtual lessons provide a format where anyone can train with the World's leading sword master in one on one sessions at a fraction of the cost of 'in person' formats.

It's The Next Best Thing To Being There!

Participation in this program is determined by three primary factors listed below:

1) Your Internet connection speed. High speed DSL or Cable is preferred yet does not have the preferred mobile versatility. Even still there will be a certain amount of delayed action. Soshin uses the Verizon 'Air Card' for his mobile broadband access. This allows him universal mobile access anywhere.

2) Your training space must have sufficient floor space and ceiling height and your Internet access must be in that place with your computer nearby so you can also observe.

3) Internet or video camera adapted to run through your computers instant messaging system. We recommend a Logitech remote tracking camera (about $100 dollars).

Once you get these mandatory details fulfilled we arrange a video conference call to see what connection speeds are like on your end. Unfortunately, technology speeds are not yet as fast as we prefer to make it "real 'live' time". Expect 1-2 second delays (dial-up service is too slow for this application). Even still there are many valuable details that can be transmitted through this medium.

If this is something you are still interested in let us know and we will arrange a 'live time' conference call with our Tech person to get you set up. This will allow you an opportunity to understand this process and determine if this is right for you. Be prepared at this time to purchase your session package. An additional follow-up session provides the opportunity to meet see and talk with Soshin for your introductory interview and goal setting meeting that begins your training. This is a preliminary courtesy meeting and is not part of your training sessions package. Note: All session packages must be prepaid before your first session.

Private lesson sessions are available in prepaid blocks of:
4 sessions - $180
6 sessions - $240
8 sessions - $300
10 sessions $350

These training session packages are for basic instruction up to and through our Course Three program material. Additional specialized instruction packages are available for Target cutting, Target test cutting, Intermediate and Advanced Kata, Sparring and 'Challenge Dueling', sword analysis, cleaning and etiquette, history discussions and open ended question/answer discussion forums. Multiple person semi private and group rates for all curriculum levels are available upon request.

These sessions are one on one, forty minute sessions with Soshin McCartney, the current and still unchallenged Guinness World Record Holder for Target Test Cutting swordsmanship, and the Founder and Chief Instructor of IYR and Peak Performance Sword Systems. Though you can receive these sessions in nearly any increment, we recommend one session per week to allow additional time, outside of 'Virtual Time', to review our instructional DVD's and work on the material covered in the previous session.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. Please contact us with any additional questions.