Ishi Yama Ryu Battojutsu East Coast Expansion


We are very pleased to announce that McCartney Sensei's top instructor Sensei Steve Baxter, formerly the NW Regional representative located in Seattle, has moved to Washington D.C.

Training schedules for the D.C.-Metro/North Virginia area. are being conducted at the prestigious Jhoon Rhee Institute, in conjunction with Master Chun Rhee and his existing curriculum. Master Rhee has asked Sensei Baxter to provide monthly mini-seminars and regular class schedules on IYRB sword technique for his students on a regular basis. Baxter Sensei has use of the full facility as their 'sword style of choice' for this iconic institution for the martial arts founded by his father the great Jhoon Rhee Schools of Martial Arts. As a fully licensed and insured swordsmanship program, we wish Baxter Sensei the very best for his endeavor there which is off to a great start.

Regular weekly seminars for Jr. and Sr. youth and adults will be conducted under the direct supervision of Baxter Sensei, a third degree black belt graduate of the IYRB ShinKoryu Certified Instructor Training program. Classes will be conducted every Saturday beginning October 11th, from 6-8pm for group lessons. Private lessons and 'Intensive Group' study is also available upon request.

The facility address is:

Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwon Do
1136 West Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 22046

You can also reach Baxter Sensei directly at 517-282-3707 in D.C. to answer any and all of your questions.

Master Rhee has provided Steve with several great inroads to the community; including working as a "contractor" for the Fairfax County parks and recreation department, which provides and allows for some advertising in their monthly publication that goes to all homes in the area.


European Martial Arts Hall of Fame Honors IYRB Founder


For the second year in a row Russell McCartney Founder and Chief Instructor of IYRB, Shin Koryu and Peak Performance Sword Systems will receive his second induction into the prestigious European Martial Arts Hall of Fame event in Beograd Serbia this October 15th - 17th.

This world renowned event will feature the top martial artists from 27 countries and features two Guinness Book Multiple World Record Holders; Dr. Dan Anderson and Russell McCartney. McCartney Sensei is honored to part of this historic event by receiving his 7th Global Hall of Fame Induction.

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