Peak Performance Sword Systems: Ishi Yama Ryu Youth Programs

From Sand to Sword


This program consists of two four-week sessions.

Session 1

This class begins by learning what it means to be a swordsman in the 21st century through a psychology of "the sword that gives life". These lessons are portrayed through the fascinating and true story of how swords are made.

Starting with sword fundamentals of safety and etiquette, students learn how to handle a 'Bokken' (a simple wooden sword). Classes continue with posture, positioning and focus training as the foundation of this sword art.

These classes are low impact for beginners.

What students will see, do, and understand in session 1:

  1. Stance posture grip as safe fundamentals of handling a wooden sword.
  2. Some Asian language as terminology for terms and philosophy.
  3. History through the true story of how swords are made.
  4. Principles and life skills for being the best person possible.

Session 2

Equipped with sound safe fundamentals and a philosophy of 'the sword that gives life', padded safety equipment and a programmed approach to paired training exercises add an element of excitement and cardio training to the practice. This activity is called 'goshinken' and means protect/defend. As a fun and high energy activity the students work together in formal prearranged exchanges that sharpen their response/reaction time while improving their cardio system for better health. Applying the basics learned in Session 1 students begin to see how procrastination and hesitation can be a handicap in their daily lives. Making good choices with resolve, clarity, and a determined sense of purpose help us to achieve our goals and strengthen us to the disappointments of life.

Please note: All applicants must maintain better than average grade point in school and proactive conduct at home.

Class length and frequency are two 30 minute class sessions each week every four weeks.

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